The Verandah Residences Project Details

Begin A New Tradition
The lasting value. The family stories. The things that you treasure. Because home is where traditions are created for generations

Colonial Heritage
Colonial-style villas were built at the turn of the previous century to house colonial officials. These stately homes, with their distinctive black painted timber beams and white-washed walls, were also called “black and white bungalows”.

What made these black and white bungalows distinctive, were the presence of many tropical and local design elements. Large verandahs at the front and sides were its signature feature. Broad overhanging sloping roofs offered shade from the sun, while high ceilings, balconies, louvered windows and open interior spaces encouraged natural air flow and kept the house cool.

Now, these black and white bungalows are highly-coveted, due to their scarcity owing to urban redevelopment. They are also very much desired for their charm, for these bungalows evoke a nostalgic longing for the romance and elegance of a bygone era.

Reflecting the rich heritage of its location, this freehold development in Pasir Panjang draws inspiration from the black and white bungalows. It is designed to be low-rise and low-density, to preserve its exclusivity. Revel in its old-world charm, while indulging in modern-day luxuries. Life here is truly a celebration of the best of both worlds.

Verandah Living
The perfect place for coffee in the morning, afternoon tea, or after-dinner drinks…

“There’s a special kind of feeling you get on a verandah that you just can’t get anywhere else.”
Haruki Murakami, author

Tradition Reconstruction
What makes a design classic is its ability to last through time. And when it lasts, it is accorded a respect that turns it into a tradition. What makes a design genius is its ability to honour tradition, while making it relevant for today, and tomorrow.

Black And White Bungalows
A fruition of an architectural style that marries both British Colonial grandeur with Tropical Living sensibilities. The best elements of such a unique style are now incorporated to bring the romance of the past to the future of luxury living.

Base Form

Eaves and Ledges
Inspired by traditional construction to offer shade from direct sunlight and rain.

Window Wall
Recreates the effect of keeping interiors naturally airy and cool by opening up the inside to the outside.

Louvered Screens
Originally used to protect the interiors from sun and rain, while still allowing natural airflow to cross-ventilate interiors.

The verandah of a black and white bungalow is now ingeniously translated into the architecture of The Verandah Residences.

Juliet Balconies
Modern interpretations of the soaring windows found in traditional black and white bungalows.

Elevated Bungalows
Inspired by indigenous architecture, black and white bungalows were elevated with pillars and arches. Now, you can live that experience as the entire development replicates the elevated effect. Overlooking lush surroundings, be filled with a sense of grandeur the moment you come home.

Tropical Splendour
Be embraced by the beauty of exotic foliage and crystal-blue waters.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
Gary Snyder, poet

Swimming Pool
Discover intimate leisure enclaves that will both surprise and delight the senses. Lounge by the 40m lap pool, and be lulled into a relaxing state of bliss. Or immerse into the cool waters and be awashed with an exhilarating sense of wellbeing.

Dining & BBQ Pavilion
Enjoy an unforgettable evening dining under the stars. Elegant lighting amidst designer landscaping creates a sophisticated garden party atmosphere. The water features also enhance the celebratory ambience as you feast the night away with your loved ones.

The grand black and white bungalows with sprawling grounds also comprise smaller buildings adjacent to the main residence. Now, that feature is transformed into glass-fronted pavilions. One of the pavilions houses a state-of-the-art gym with bracing pool views to make working out a joy

Sky Lounge
Rise above the hustle and bustle, and enter a luxurious oasis. Tropical foliage cocoons you in your private world, while the lights of the city twinkle in the distance. Up here, the abundance of space makes this an impressive venue for gatherings.

Enviable Advantage
Pasir Panjang and its surroundings have seen dramatic changes in recent times. Within close proximity, there have been development of world-class research centres and business parks to support tomorrow’s research and development (R&D), high-technology and digital industries. Moreover, the wonders and serenity of nature are practically at your doorstep. The nearby Southern Ridges links some of Singapore’s most impressive and well-loved nature spots, from Mount Faber, HortPark, Labrador Nature Reserve, right to Kent Ridge Park.

All around, new recreation and leisure spots, as well as hip lifestyle enclaves have also risen up. And while it remains close to the city centre. Pasir Panjang has never lost its close-knit community charm. Coupled with quality education close by. It remains a desirable location for living.

The Locale
Resplendent with historical significance, the development is surrounded by the most modern of business parks, educational institutions, and myriad lifestyle amenities. Close to the Central Business District (CBD) and surrounded by nature parks, it is also mere minutes from Singapore’s grand vision for a future waterfront city

Greater Southern Waterfront
From Marina South all the way to Pasir Panjang, this is one of Singapore’s most ambitious development projects ever. The Master Plan for the Greater Southern Waterfront will transform about 1,000ha of land (about three times the size of Marina Bay) into an exciting waterfront district of the future. And you will enjoy a front-row seat from home as this exciting new city rises before you.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore has outlined 6 ideas for development in its Master Plan*.

Idea 1. More Unique Waterfront Districts
The eventual relocation of the ports of Tuas will open up much potential to develop different live-work-play waterfront districts. Each could have its own characteristics and experiences.

Idea 2. More Greenery And Nature Recreation Areas
More green corridors could be created to connect existing nature parks. An eco-corridor could also link could also link Gardens by the Bay to the Rail Corridor and Southern Ridges and beyond, creating an island-wide green network.

Idea 3. Growth Of The City Centre
The present CBD, Marina Bay and surrounding housing and businesses can be seamlessly integrated with the Greater Southern Waterfront, forming a new world-class waterfront city.

Idea 4. Maximising The Potential Of Our Water Resources
A new reservoir could be created to complement Marina Reservoir and increase our water supply. A network of canals could weave through the Greater Southern Waterfront, bringing people closer to the water.

Idea 5. Designing a seamless waterfront promenade.
Enjoy a continuous 30km waterfront promenade that stretches from Labrador and Harbourfront, stretching all the way to Marina South and Gardens by the Bay.

Idea 6. More Spaces For Everyone To Enjoy
The Central Linear Park in Marina Bay could be extended all the way to Keppel Channel. You could stroll, jog and enjoy the views of Pulau Brani in the distance. A new car-free pedestrian axis could also branch out from the Central Linear Park, making it ideal for vibrant street life.

Enjoy The Benefits
More Business Opportunities
One of the ideas propose the extension of the existing city centre to the Greater Southern Waterfront. By creating more opportunities to live-work-play, there will be an increase in economic activities that will expand to the surrounding areas. This is an ideal situation for investors looking for a special property with a unique proposition in terms of location.

More Lifestyle Enhancements
More greenery, more opportunities to enjoy the waterfront, more community spaces for more vibrant streetscapes. All of the ideas presented serve only to enhance the way we live, work and play in an exciting waterfront city of the future. And everything will happen just a stone’s throw away from home.

Discover The Potential
For Freehold Properties In Pasir Panjang
Gain first-mover advantage
While the Greater Southern Waterfront is still in ideation phase, the groundwork has already started with the complete move of Tanjong Pagar Terminal. So seize the opportunity now to make the first move.
Leverage on the freehold status
As one of Singapore’s most ambitious Master Plans, the Greater Southern Waterfront will see long-term continuous development and growth.

*All investments are speculative in nature. The developer encourages investors to get personal advice from their professional investment advisor and to make independent investigations before acting on information that is published. The developer does not in any way warrant or guarantee the success of any action you take in reliance on their statements or recommendations.

Living Room
Be embraced by a homely ambience the moment you step in. Natural light and ventilation bring the outdoors in to open up the interiors.

Discover cosy interiors that come with Juliet Balconies. Designed to maximise space, there is always room at home for all your living needs.

Luxury Everywhere
To complement your luxury abode, only the finest of fittings and finishes shall accentuate the exquisiteness of your home with sophistication and style. From brands synonymous with top quality, to thoughtful designs, you can truly be at home with luxury.

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